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Quietly, cheerfully, energetically they rise before dawn, sing while they work and by the time we surface they would have already fed the family and each had more meals than we would have in a day. They clean up the environment, keep the bug life down, and do more for re-forestation than the government and all the local councils combined. They are part of an international industry that contributes over 14% of the world’s moisture retention programme. They are our native birds.

Wild, dramatic, bold, loud and very creative, they are our most dramatic connection with what Australia was, and naturally speaking, should be. Spend one night in the outback hinterland and you’ll be awoken by the sound of true Australia, with a cast of birds in an operatic chorus of nature to which there is no comparison in the world. They are an essential part of our heritage and an essential part of our soundscape, the sounds of what makes this our home.

It is only natural then, that we should find a way to make the heritage of our native birds into a momento, a gift of quality that places high value on the sights and sounds of our natural homeland. This new series from provides a rich profile of Australia’s unique and stunning, mammals and globally rare birds, some of which are of “vulnerable” status. The birds were selected on the basis of their beauty, particularly in song, and their being a true representation of natural Australia.

Each card carries an introductory picture of the subject on the cover placed in front of its natural habitat. The image of the animal is embossed and UV spotted (made shiny!). A unique hue or theme of colour, based on the habitat image, is used for the cover of each card.

Wild-Card represents a genuine souvenir of nature, for some a keepsake, for others a collector’s item.

With a continually growing selection of birds from across Australia these gifts are a must have in garden stores, gift shops etc.

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